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Roane County, WV

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Water Well

This spring produced ample water for the Rangers.

During the seven day siege of Spencer the Moccasin Rangers surrounded the town, defended by Union Militia led by Capt. William Pell. The Confederates constructed earthworks, still visible on both sides of the spring and from this vantage point on Goff Hill, they kept the Union forces pinned down. An attack by Union troops on the morning of the seventh day, plus rumors of Union reinforcements from Ripley led to a Confederate retreat.

The Courthouse

Roane County Court House

This is a picture of the Roane County Courthouse as it was in 1859-1887. This building and others adjacent were burned down in a large fire in 1887. Another court house was built and later replaced with the one currently standing. (Rumor has it someone has a picture of the interim structure - we're trying to get a copy of it...)



William Pool, a Union soldier, the first casualty in Spencer is buried here. His son, a Confederate soldier, is buried nearby.

See the replica of the log cannon


On the fourth day, a cannon flying a Confederate flag appeared on top of Goff Hill. Suspicious when it did not open fire, a small group of union soldiers crept to the top of the hill and discovered it was simply a wagon with a log mounted on it.

The Skirmish of Spencer

During August of 1861, a group of about 400 Confederate Guerillas known as the Moccasin Rangers led by Capts. George Downs, Pergrine Hayes, Dan Duskey and Perry Conley occupied Goff Hill above Spencer.For seven days the guerillas kept the local militia pinned down on the Court House and Fort Hill.

Nancy Hart

Roane County native Nancy Hart rode and fought with the Moccasin Rangers. A mountain spitfire, deadly as a copperhead and filled with partisan spirit, she was an effective spy and often escaped capture by using her considerable charm.

Located in West Virginia on U.S.33 (The Blue and Gray Trail), Spencer is easily accessible from two Interstates - I-77 or l-79.

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207 Court St., Spencer, WV 25276